Westhaven ezi-opener frozen clams

Thawing  Instructions

Westhaven Ezi Opener Frozen Clams  may be thawed in the bag for up to 3 days before being consumed.

Thawed Clams must be kept refrigerated at (+4c ) or less.

For best results:

Place frozen Clams  in refrigerator over-night,

“Thawed clams will all open up.”

How to prepare from Frozen:

Westhaven Ezi Opener Frozen Clams

Take the number of frozen clams required from freezer,place

carefully into a bowl,wash with

hot tap water, stand for 1 minute, then drain.Clams are now  partly thawed and ready to be heated.

Add frozen clams to hot pan.

All clams will open quickly.

Allow time standing for

the clams to warm up


Clams & Spaghetti dish using pan

Heat pan. Saute garlic and 1 chopped chili (optional) in olive oil, butter, wine or water until infused.

Separate the thawed Clams and Juice

Place Thawed clams carefully into the pan with garnish, heat lightly with lid on for 2 minutes.

Add the juice to the (cooked drained) spaghetti, stand 2 minutes.

then add spaghetti to clams in pan.

Garnish with chopped parsley before serving.

Clams with Risotto or Paella.

Always add the clam Juice into your hot risotto or paella meal being cooked

Just before serving add the

thawed Ezi Opener clams

Allowing  time for clams warm up


Westhaven Ezi-Opener  have been heat treated so are safe to eat thawed.